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Paid Advertising

Get Impeccable Results With Our Paid Advertising Service

More Sales, More Traffic, and More Customers – that’s what Paid Advertising promises!! Long gone are the days when organic traffic used to be the sole thing to expand your business. Now is the time when you have to spend a few extra dollars to sustain the cutting-edge competition.

That’s where Paid Advertising comes into the frame. This helps businesses promote themselves and expand their customer base. With many years of experience and expertise, we put our best foot forward to get you discovered by the potential audience. We will support you during all steps to success. So, what keeps you thinking? Join hands with us, and our team will help you find the right channel for your online advertising.

Expand Your Audience with Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is the best-ever approach for sending your message to the masses. Therefore, our team is passionate about finding the target audience that may help you expand your business. Whether it’s about growing a customer base or increasing sales, our services will cover you in all situations

Here’s what we offer to meet your business goals.

  • Pay-Per-Click Ads

Nothing can scale your business more than Pay-Per-Click Ads. These campaigns involve bidding against other advertisers, and the one who wins can place his ads on the first page. The best thing about PPC ads is that the advertiser only plays when someone clicks on their ad link. The popular platforms where we place your ads are Bing Ads and Google AdWords.

  • Social Media Ads

To your surprise, over 3.6 billion people use social media platforms, making them the best place to place your ads. Paid Advertising on social media handles is great for building brand awareness without shaking your budget. These ads are like sponsored pots and help people discover your business, irrespective of your demographics.

Our experts will help you choose the right social platform to put your ads based on your business goals and products/ services.

  • Video Advertising

What other thing we offer to expand your business is Video Advertising. These ads are typically 30-second short videos that showcase a product or service. With this, companies can create engaging visuals to grab the audience. Depending on your business, we’ll craft any of the three ads for you, such as Bumper Ads, Pre-Roll, and True View Ads. Select your budget, and we’ll advertise for you.

  • Native Advertising

In addition to other advertising types, one thing that can benefit your business a lot is Native Ads. It is a kind of paid content promotion that blends with non-promotional content on the platform. However, you need an expert to launch the Native Ads, as one mistake and your money will go in vain. Our professionals design these ads in such a way that matches the design, format, and context, thus blending seamlessly with other things on social media.

Why Choose Us

Xntrova is much more than a Paid Advertising service provider – we place our ads where your target customer is ready and waiting for the same. You can choose us becaus

  • We have an experienced team.

Whether it’s the number of years or the number of clients, we surpass many of our competitors in terms of experience and knowledge. So, if you want to put your business in reliable hands, we are definitely the best choice for you

  • We offer great ROI.

Let’s face it – we are doing the hardship to just get good ROI, and Xntrova promises you the same. Use our services and grow your business like never before.

  • Design Result-Oriented Campaigns

Another thing that makes us the best among the rest is our value-driven campaigns. We have a long history of successful campaigns, and adding you to that list is just the icing on the cake.

Reach Your Target Audience Before Anyone Else Doe

What are you waiting for? Customers wait for none, be it you or us. So, don’t waste your time searching for other options and try our Paid Advertising services right away to get results. We promise you to deliver the best possible outcomes without draining your budget.

Schedule a consultation with us and edge out the competition with our efficient services. We will deliver you the most of your ad budget.

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