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Email Marketing

Connect With Your Potential Leads With Our Email Marketing Services

Adding Email Marketing to your stash is mandatory for growing your business and reaching potential leads. It lives up to its name and involves sending out offers, newsletters, and other client-facing communication. 

The overall objective of Email Marketing is to connect with your audience and turn your prospects into paying customers. So, if you are ready to kickstart your online business or want to expand the existing one, use our value-driven email marketing services and grow beyond your imagination. 

Fulfill Your Business Objectives with Our Email Marketing Solutions

At Xntrova, we offer you a chance to connect your brand with the right customers at the right time. Our goal-driven email marketing services will not just increase your sales but also introduce your brand as an upcoming star in front of your target audience. 

Here’s what we offer to build a loyal community around your brand.

  • Appealing Campaigns

Email marketing is all about setting up a successful email campaign to reach the target audience. Our skillful team easily creates emails with drag-and-drop builders and personalizes them to fit your business’s core objectives. 

Besides using the pre-built templates, we can also create a customized format to match your brand’s overall theme and goals. Our campaigns are impactful and will surely leave a long-lasting imprint on your prospects’ minds.

  • Value-Driven Content

While setting up a campaign with beautiful pictures and eye-catching offers is the first preference, we can’t overlook the value of content added to the same. Remember that successful businesses never use bait and switch approach. Therefore, our team takes extra care when adding the offer and other content to the campaign, thus presenting you as a reliable brand. 

  • Smart Segmentation

What’s better than interacting with your audience in segments? Keeping this in mind, we offer smart segmentation so you can give time to all prospects without prioritizing a few. Every visitor and customer is important and our segmentation technique will help you value all of them. 

With smart segments, you can easily improve your conversion and sales by targeting a small subset of the audience, one at a time. 

  • Real-Time Reports

Nothing is more important than having real-time details about the customer. Therefore, we offer time-to-time reports so you can check how your email marketing campaigns are performing. We help you dig deeper into insights so you can make smart decisions for future campaigns. 

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

Besides all of the above, our experts automate all the repetitive tasks for you so you can utilize the time for more productive work. It helps you reach the right person at the right time without delaying a bit. Automation surely helps you to retain existing customers by making them feel valuable. 

Why Choose Xntrova?

While opting for email services is easy, choosing the best service provider surely isn’t. You are surrounded by ample email marketing service providers, which makes choosing the best name slightly challenging. 

Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the key features that make Xntrova worth choosing. 

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

Believe it or not, the pricing plan can make or break your choice. Therefore, before we outline our other qualities, let us make clear that our services won’t cost you a fortune. Whether you have an unlimited marketing budget or are running out of cash, our plans will surely fit your pocket. 

  • Incredible Track Record

We are not newbies, so you can count on us without having second thoughts. Xntrova has been serving this industry for a long and boasts an incredible track record with some of the established brand names. So, if you are looking for someone experienced, we should be on your priority list. 

Let’s Set Up Your Upcoming Email Campaign With Us

Setting up impactful email campaigns isn’t a cakewalk. Hence, you must hire a professional service provider who has already worked on such projects. At Xntrova, we boast a skillful team that listens to your business requirements carefully and designs a campaign accordingly. 

We believe in transparency and will offer you real-time reports about the campaign. Our experts will never leave you in the dark or give you false hopes about anything. Moreover, we always discuss pricing and other details upfront to avoid any miscommunications later on. 

So, stop looking further and call us right away to know our services and pricing structure. Your first consultation is complimentary. 

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